VLOG (Verband Ohne Lebensmittel Gentechnik)-certificate

The German Association of Food without Genetic Engineering founded by food processors, producers and retailers aims to produce and process only foods that are completely free of genetically modified ingredients and raw materials. As a result, the rapidly increasing demand for GMO-free feed materials in Western-Europe encouraged Danis Soy & More to fulfill these VLOG standards.

Production VLOG

During entry, production and transportation of VLOG-raw materials, it is crucial to avoid contact with conventional raw materials. Therefore, feed lines for the production of each batch of VLOG must be first flushed. With our various production lines, multiple storage and transfer locations, we are able to guarantee a separate flow of VLOG raw materials.

Assortment VLOG

While in the beginning, VLOG was specifically focused on the dairy cattle industry, it is nowadays omnipresent in all types of feed including poultry and pig. Our production site in Izegem, VLOG-certified by SGS, has a wide range of certified VLOG conform feed materials available for pig, poultry and cattle.

With the certification, we guarantee our partners premium protein sources available for use in all European markets. Annual audit control on VLOG is performed by SGS.

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