Healthy Farming Assocation – Beter voor Iedereen-label

Omega 3 vs Omega 6

Amongst feed scientists, there is a growing concern about the discrepancy between an excessive amount of omega 6 fatty acids and a shortage of omega 3 fatty acids in today’s food intake. Multiple studies have shown a link between this imbalance and the development of civilization diseases e.g. obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. The lack of omega 3 not only affects the human health but also impacts the well-being of animals.

Omega 3 Products

As an experienced provider of nutritional value in the feed industry, Danis Soy & More wants to contribute to a solution by offering products rich in omega 3. Our products with linseed such as Linusoy, Linumex and Proflax contain a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Thanks to our unique production process and own specialized labo, we can guarantee a product very low in hydrogen cyanide and with a preserved profile of fatty acids. All of this makes our linseed products, a save and highly digestible processed raw material with a sustainable characteristic.

Healthy Farming Association

Additionally, Linumex (used in pig and poultry feed) meet the strict specifications of the Healthy Farming Association (HFA) to obtain the “Beter Voor Iedereen” (BVI) Logo. Together with all actors involved in the agricultural industry, HFA pursues the main objective of a sustainable food chain. They commit themselves towards a sustainable way of cultivation. In other words, they organize the links throughout the food chain from producer till consumer by changing the animal feeding and breeding. By guaranteeing quality and health for animal, human and planet, each member of HFA engages to offer sustainable products whose quality is monitored and measured constantly without the consumer having to change his eating habits. These products can be recognized with the “Beter voor Iedereen” (BVI)-qualitylabel.

If you want to know more about our linseed omega 3 products or order immediately, please connect with our team.