Organic Production Method Certification

Besides VLOG, Danis Soy & More has also been accredited with the Organic Production Method Certificate. As an experienced processor of natural resources for the feed industry, Danis Soy & More has a moral responsibility towards the future of our planet by improving the animal welfare standard and the conservation of natural resources. By offering multiple organic products, we aspire to develop a sustainable way of processing raw materials. All our organic products can be visual identified by the EU organic logo.

Aims of Organic Production

At Danis Soy & More, we desire to develop an agricultural method of processing feed materials using natural substances and processes. Producing, transporting and storing high quality raw materials organically tend to have a limited impact on the environment. It includes the responsible use of natural resources and the preservation of ecological balances. Additionally, organic processing also encourages a high standard animal welfare.


The EU maintains a strict system of rules and control in order to establish consumer and supplier trust regarding organic production. As it is part of a larger supply chain which includes the feed processing, distribution and retailing sectors, each EU member appoints its own control bodies. Danis Soy & More is authorized by the Belgian control agency TÜV NORD Integra. This institution certifies our production site and organic products on a yearly basis.

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